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Poor but wise country culture has always tried to draw from nature what was available and in the spring season the fields swarm with herbs and wild asparaguses.
Today, as in the past, in traditional cuisine people make use of field herbs that are easily found in meadows or along hedges.
Among the most used there stands out radicio de camp or tarassacco, a herbaceous plant whose basal leaves are used in spring, particularly raw in salad. These plants cover meadows with their yellow flowers which turn into pleasant “dandelions.”
Other weeds are rosoline and s-ciopets which are used in the kitchen above all in soups, minestrone, pies, and omelettes. They have to be boiled and dressed with olive oil or they are sautéed in the frying pan with garlic and oil.
But wild asparaguses are the most sought after and bruiscandoi, tender buds of the hop with a bitter-aromatic taste found along ditches or in uncultivated places, andrustegot which are simply the buds of butcher’s broom, with a bittersweet taste.
They can all be boiled or seasoned, floured and fried, or used to make savoury soups of rice and bowline, risottos and omelettes.
Field herbs and wild asparaguses, in addition to growing spontaneously and naturally, also have depurative and diuretic properties.

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