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Montello Honey
The communes of the Montello Hill and the hills of the Treviso piedmont lend themselves to beekeeping, thanks to the natural presence of chestnut and acacia woods and meadows rich in floral variety.
Begun as an activity complementary to the family one, it was starting from the years after World War Two that beekeeping moved ahead, becoming a productive and commercial activity that has also led to the creation of a Beekeepers’ Association.
The honey that is produced is biologically pure, very fine, of elevated quality, also thanks to the professionalism of the apiarists, and it is available all year round from producers and retailers in the area.
Depending on the origin of the nectar and the seasonality of the sugary substances sucked, honey has different tonalities of colour.
In the Montello Hill and the Treviso hills the types of honey that are produced are ACACIA honey, a light colour, with a delicate and floral taste; CHESTNUT honey, an amber and almost brown colour, with a strong odour and an aromatic taste; MILLEFIORI, which takes on different scents and tastes depending on the combinations of flowers; LIME TREE honey, with gradations of yellow, with a strong sweet scent; honey from medicinal herbs, pale yellow with an aftertaste of almond; and woodlandmelatta, very dark and aromatic.

Iniziativa finanziata dal programma di Sviluppo Rurale per il veneto 2007 – 2013
 Organismo responsabile dell'informazione: Provincia di Treviso
 Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto – Piani e Programmi del Settore Primario
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