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Historical Marchlands Itineraries
Here are proposed four ideas for travelling that are based on discovering the historical patrimony of the beautiful area of the Marchlands around Treviso. 'Marca Storica' offers a journey through time, crossing several different ages, to stop and take a closer look at the events and stories that have marked the territory of this province.
This Roman project was ambitious to say the least: the idea was to create a communicating road that followed the long course of the river Danube from the source in the Black Forest to the Black Sea. The connecting road to this axis from the Plain of the Po or the Po Valley, more than five hundred kilometers long was the Via Claudia Augusta. Together with the 'Postumia' this was a fundamental road for the development of the area of the Marchlands, however there remains a mystery which still today has not yet been solved: which was the lay-out of the Via Claudia Augusta? Visitors are welcome to try and resolve this enigma.....
The Mediaeval era was known for its ancient and bloody feuds, and conflicts between even members of the same family, violence and duels that are still visible in modern times through the toponymical choices of the places. The Tower of the Ezzelini that has survived the Castle which was realized around the middle of the twelfth century, is sufficient proof of the extraordinary dimensions of this fortress that belonged to the very powerful family Ezzelini whose obscure and shadowy vicissitudes finally lead to their downfall.
Among the hills around Treviso there are numerous examples of mediaeval fortifications. As well as the castles of Collalto and San Salvatore, both set in a really charming landscape, there is the particularly imposing Castello Brandolini, a sumptuous residence which as early as the eleventh century controlled the feud of the Valmarena.
To visit the walled cities of the Marchlands is to breathe a mediaeval atmosphere. Here are presented Castelfranco with its turreted walls, Asolo with its Rocca or stronghold, designed as a military fortress, Vittorio Veneto with the Castello di San Martino, an Episcopal seat. There is also Conegliano with its Castelvecchio, the first area to be inhabited in the town, and Treviso itself which is a real labyrinth of ditches, towers and walls – an outline of history made up of conflicts, duels and chivalrous deeds.

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Photo by La Marca del 2000 E.Carrer


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