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“Biso de Borso” Pea from Borso del Grappa
The "Biso de Borso" Pea from Borso del Grappa is a local product that comes exclusively from the territory of the municipality of Borso del Grappa. In comparison with other varieties of pea on the market, the end product is less watery, more concentrated and particularly sweet, characteristics which derive essentially from the properties of the terrain, from the mild climate and biological cultivation. 
The pea has from time immemorial been considered a symbol of fortune and prosperity, so much so that in ancient times its flowers were used to make wreathes to be offered to brides.
The pea from Borso del Grappa, today recognized as a quality brand attested by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, has been present in this area for centuries. The story goes that at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, it was brought to the Doge on the occasion of the festival of Saint Mark, in order to prepare the dish of'Risi e Bisi' (rice and peas). The subsequent distribution of the pea out of the local environment may have been due to the local women of the village, employed as servants in the houses of nobles and landowners, who brought the first vegetables, which were then a rarity, with them.
Fresh peas have a high nutritional value while being at the same time low in calories: 52 per 100 grammes. They are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium and are also a good source of vitamin C and carotenoids when eaten fresh. When and how can we eat them freshly picked? The 'Mostra Mercato del Biso' (Pea Show Market) in Borso del Grappa is definitely the best occasion, and it takes place once a year in the first half of June, during the picking season, which has to be done very quickly. 'Risi e Bisi' (rice and peas) make a superb dish, as well as providing an excellent source of nutrients, but this is not the only way to prepare them. The 'Biso del Borso' is also at its best served as a starter, in soups and sauces, in salads and as side-dishes accompanying fish and meat dishes.

Photo: Municipality of Borso del Grappa


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