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Red Wines from the Marchlands of Treviso
The Merlot is one of the mainstays of the wine production in the area between Treviso and Venice. Fruity and light, its harmonious completeness makes it an excellent companion for the cuisine of this area, from soups to roasts and grilled dishes, as well as cold cuts. If aged, then it goes better with dishes of a more intense savouriness, such as game.
The Cabernet first appeared in Treviso at the end of the nineteenth century, to remain fortunately for us up until today, in its varieties of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Carmenere. The first of these is perfect for accompanying red or cold meats while young, and if slightly aged it can be appreciated with game or strong matured cheeses. The Sauvignon is smoother and becomes even more refined with age, providing an excellent accompaniment to roasts, poultry, game and hard cheeses. The first year of Carmenère Doc arrived in the wine-cellar in 2008, thanks to the commitment of the Consorzio Tutela Vini del Piave (Consortium for the Protection of Wines of the Piave). It has unmistakable characteristics, with austere grassy notes.
From France the Malbech arrived to establish itself here in the eastern part of Veneto, a wine that is ideal with very savoury dishes, along with the Pinot Nero which, in the area of the river Piave, makes wines of refined equilibrium, particularly at its best with roasts and poultry other than chicken.
The Raboso Piave is the most representative autochthonous vine variety of the whole area. Its name derives from the tributary of the river Piave of the same name, and it should be drunk after three years of aging when it acquires smoothness and the traces of violet that distinguish it. Its austere character makes it the ideal companion for dishes of the local tradition such as pasta with beans, or goose stuffed with chestnuts.
From the nearby Friuli, the Refosco dal peduncolo rosso has also become popular in the eastern part of the Veneto region, so-called because of the pedicle attached to the grape which changes colour, becoming red shortly before harvesting-time. This is an excellent wine to serve with fatty meats, poultry and stews, excepting those of game with spicy sauces. It is also indicated for the typical regional cuisine.


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