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Borso del Grappa
The municipality Borso del Grappa is at the province of Treviso's border with Vicenza. The settlements of the territory once known as Borso date all the way back to the Ancient Rome.
In 1879, while performing excavations in the square of the public Church, ten skeletons as well several pieces of marble carved into Paleocristian figures were dug up. The tombs made of tiles, typical of southern Italy, prove that Borso was definitely once an Ancient Roman settlement.
Borso features a good number of opportunities to quickly reach locations that satisfy those who are interested in nature, history, art, craftsmanship and fine cooking. Among the typical products, we suggest a bread called “pan Boenk”; a packaged bread made from flour of wheat and maize. There is also a pipe known as “la Pipa di Borso”, carved from wood of Carpinus and Marasca trees, engraved with the shapes of the flowers and animals found in our moutnains. This kind of pipe transforms the act of smoking into an ornamental project.
Info: Municipality of Borso del Grappa


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