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Crocetta del Montello
The town of Crocetta del Montello is located in the tract of land lying between the Piave and the first slopes to the northwest of Montello. With a beautiful river to the one side and the cascading foothills of Montello to the other, the landscape in Crocetta is truly beautiful.
In Crocetta del Montello, the past and the present blend seamlessly together and let us share in the events long past as powerful antiques, such as stone tools used for spears, freeze in time the daily activities of the ancient inhabitants who helped construct this countryside. In some places here, the landscape remains completely the same as it was centuries, and even millennia, ago. What reconstructions have been done here were performed with painstaking attention to maintain a harmony with the surrounding nature and it is easy to see this here.
The prevalence here of small, family-owned businesses and agriculture in lieu of more industrial commerce adds a very humble touch to the town as a whole. You are more likely to see cultivated fields scattered with mills here than you are industrial centres of factories and this tranquility resonates through the whole town.
Info: Municipality of Crocetta del Montello


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