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Giavera del Montello
Giavera del Montello comprises the right embankment of the Piave, climbing the slippery slopes of the Montello hills and then gentling descending through the valleys and plains below. The parts of this territory covered by forests are perfect for producing mushrooms while the vast, fertile countryside is filled with vineyards. 
Farther along the outskirts of the Montello, crossing through the forests, you can come across the inviting taverns and farms here, confirming the love for food and wine in this area. The typical products made here are mushrooms, honey and wines (Prosecco, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet).
The modern industries are now mainly concerned with the productions of furniture, shoes, sports clothing and, naturally, food and wine. Artisan crafts here are very popular, with over 170 companies producing such products, and the crafts are used in many different ways and take on many different forms, from carpentry to wrought-iron construction. The various catering and restaurant businesses here also make up another important field of the local economy. The Competition of the Montello Harvest is an important annual harvest-competition between 15 teams from the 13 towns near Montello, comprising almost 8,000 residents known in Italian as the “Bisnenti del Montello”. The Competition takes place during the town festival in the spring, on the occasion of the festival of Saint Giacomo, and represents how much the local agriculture has helped the citizens to maintain their lifestyle near the Montello.
Info: Municipality of Giavera del Montello


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