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A typical, welcoming hamlet situated in the Treviso area, Maser is characterized by its lush natural setting, lovely churches and aristocratic villas. While taking a country stroll through this hilly territory, you’re sure to spot several of them nestled amidst the green, blossoming landscape. First and foremost, don’t miss a visit to the Villa Barbano, a Palladian masterpiece of sixteenth century art. Maser and other districts located within the municipality are just waiting for a visit! Crespignaga, Coste, Madonna della Salute and Muliparte all offer ample curiosities and tiny gems that are certainly worth viewing!
The countryside and hamlets throughout this area are characterized by vineyards, vegetable gardens and fruit groves; you’ll find stunning glimpses of nature in all its wild grandeur. Discover the beauties of local tradition and sample typical flavors in this territory, where you can truly experience the changing of each season while enjoying the tranquility of friendly gatherings. In March and April, the hills of Maser are dotted with stunning cherry trees. Don’t miss the chance to see them—the color and perfume of the area’s blossoms make this brief season truly unforgettable.
Info: Municipality of Maser


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