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The name Susegana dates back to the Roman colonization of the area. At that time cultivated fields, which were often given as rewards to former soldiers, were often named after the person to whom the land had been given: thus, Susegana simply means “the land belonging to Mr. Sosus or Sosius”.
Situated on the bank of the Piave river, the land of Susegana was first settled in the Bronze Age. Easy travel and trade along the Piave river brought great economic growth to this area from the Roman colonization in the valley, eventually making modern-day Susegana a Roman colony.
The Romans were also the ones who built the bridges here that cross over the various rivers in the area, including one especially important one known as the “PriulaBridge”. Originally made of wood, the Priula Bridge gives evidence of how the Huns, Goths, Lombards (also known as Longobards) and Carlo V’s armies all managed to invade the area. After being burnt down in 1807, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the bridge was completely rebuilt from stone and cement, only to be partly destroyed over the course of World War I.
Info: Municipality of Susegana
Photo: Municipality of Susegana


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