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The Architecture Route
The Architecture route is divided into two circuits: one at the feet of the mountains and one towards the plain, in the area between the foot of Mount Grappa and the Castelfranco Veneto plain. The route is focused on this western part of the Treviso area, where a number of architectural masterpieces of unquestionable value blend into the picturesque landscape.
In addition to the villas built by Palladio for eminent noble families such as the Barbaro’s and the Emo’s, there are places like Villa Filippin Fietta in Paderno del Grappa, an elegant building that was renovated by Massari in the 18th century, and the stately Villa Rovero in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, which is an important centre of culture and science.
Badoere is the name of another prominent Venetian family and also the place where they had their famous Piazza del Mercato built.  This square with a unique “roundabout” form is surrounded by distinctive arcades.

Finally, there is the birthplace of one of three Patriarchs of Venice to take the Chair of Saint Peter in the 20th century: Giuseppe Sarto, whose home town of Riese has added his papal name to its own title in his memory. After serving in Venice, he became Pope Pius X in Rome in 1903.
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