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Maser Cherry Show
Between the months of March and April the hills of Maser blossom in a sea of white as the cherry trees come into bloom. By the end of May the tasty "roane", or delicious "sandre" varieties triumph in the market stalls, exhibited in the by now traditional Maser Cherry Show that takes place at the end of May in the splendid context of the Villa di Maser, a jewel of sixteenth-century architecture.
The cherry blossom is the symbol for the Japanese samurai of the beauty and transience of life, and equally as fleeting is the length of the cherry season, but the colour and the aroma of these sweet and juicy fruits, the Maser cherries, are not so easy to forget!
The Maser Cherry Show is organized as a sort of market-show where it is possible to find all the other products of the territory as well: DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines of Montello and dei Colli Asolani, DOP (Protected Designation of origin) Extra-virgin Olive Oil "Veneto del Grappa", honey, fruits and biological vegetables. As well as the classic exhibition, there is also a programme of sporting events organized, and music and folklore, such as the procession of the farm wagons.
Currently, the territory of Maser can count on a an annual production of about 7,000 metric quintals of produce, distributed for the most part among small family-run businesses, often with points of direct sale: a real genuine product at zero mileage, from the tree to the consumer.
In the past Maser boasted of a typical cultivar, the 'Mora di Maser', that was abandoned due to its sensitivity to the cherry-tree fly. Over the last years attempts have been made to recuperate this variety, most of all in consideration of the lateness of its production, in fact by the third week in June the other varieties have already finished their season.
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