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The Great War in the Marchlands of Treviso
From November 1917 to November 1918 the area of the Marchlands around Treviso was the backdrop for the great battles that finally lead to the conclusion of the Great War – an accumulation of events that left a deep mark and which changed in one swift blow the countryside, the lives and the memories of the inhabitants.
Four different itineraries have been organized which bear testimony to those important and tragic events and are described here below:
The river-bed of the Piave constitutes a stony path to follow, winding among the remains of weapons and fragments of evidence left over from the war that were washed down by the waters along with many, too many, young lives. Few places have the evocative power of these river-banks where three bloody battles were fought. The craters and the trenches, the military roads, the devotion of a future pope, the darkness of the tunnels in contrast with the immaculate whiteness of the snow....... The 'Ultima Cima' (The Last Peak) reveals the events and distinctive features of the Front of the Montello and the right river-bank of the Piave.
The 'Battaglia Finale' (The Final Battle) brought the conflict to a close after a terrible year of military occupation in Vittorio Veneto: the route goes back over the story of a hard-won victory with monuments, roads dug out of the rock, and museums containing findings which all bear testimony to this particular moment of history.
Imposing sacraria and carefully tended English graveyards commemorate the myths and glories of these Italian wars: in the 'Battaglia del Solstizio' (The Battle of the Solstice), these places become animated with the desperate confusion of the battle.
The most important sites are part of the Ecomuseo della Grande Guerra – a network of museums organized by the Provinces of Belluno, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza.
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Photo: Archivo FAST - Foto Archivio Storico Trevigiano


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