Wine bars, Osterie and Pubs
The fame of the Province of Treviso is expanding all over the world thanks to it local products and its unique wines. While you taste a Prosecco DOCG wine you can smell the air that kisses the vineyards on the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Hills, while if you taste a Raboso Piave wine you can experience the perseverance and the strength of the population that live in this area.

During the Serenissima's period the Raboso Piave wine was defined “Vin da Viajo” wine for travel because, thanks to its composition, this wine could resist also for decades in wooden barrels.

Today, the tradition to conserve this wine and its enological importance is handed down by wine bars and English local Pubs that want to offer to their client the possibility to tasting local product.

Wine Bars and English Pubs are located in every cities of the Province of Treviso but during the travel you can also find the traditional Trattorie and Osterie that combine the local wines with the tasting of little portion of traditional dishes called “Cicchetti”.

In Fact when you walk into a osteria, at the entrance, you can find a bar with a showcasing filled with small taste of bogoi, nervetti, fried prawns, moscrdini, canapés, sandwiches with salami and small handmade goodies; obviously, all compained with a “Ombra” glass of wine or a craft beers, depending on your taste.

If you want to know where is the local nearest you, download the PDF here enclosed.

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